Vision Plus Status 270 Omni-Directional Digital Antenna Aerial

Vision Plus Status 270 Omni-Directional Digital Antenna Aerial
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Vision Plus

Digital Antenna System

This omni-directional antenna
is a compact, lightweight, streamlined design
utilising the latest most powerful dipole array.

Designed around a narrow mounting foot, the
STATUS 270 is ideal for camper conversions
with ridged roofs. With its low profile and compact dimensions vision plus have produced their most discrete antenna.

The STATUS 270 is a permanent fitted antenna
designed to receive all UHF Digital TV.
Designed and manufactured in the UK.
Frequency: TV 470-790 Mhz
Antenna Dome: 270 x 285mm
Mounting Foot: 150 x 70mm
Height: Overall 136mm
Height: Foot 31mm
VP2 Amplifier: 115 x 46 x29mm
Ideal for campervan conversions
Low profile
Lighweight compact design
Narrow streamlined mounting foot
Receives horizontal and vertical signals
through 360 degrees
Power amplifier with variable gain adjustment
Easy to install with step-by-step instructions

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