10 Amp 12 Volt Leisure Battery Charger

10 Amp 12 Volt Leisure Battery Charger

Brand:  Streetwize



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Heavy Duty 10 Amp Battery Charger 12 Volt

Suitable for use with 12v Car, Motorcycle, Motorhome, Marine and Lawnmower Lead-Acid Batteries

Robust metal case

Carry Handle

Suitable for lead acid /gel and deep cycle type batteries

Ammeter with LED charging & warning display

12v 10amp (RMS)/ 6.5Adc Fast Charge Mode

12v  3amp (RMS)/ 2Adc Trickle Charge Mode

  • Double insulated cables
  • No fuse with spark elimination circuit
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Includes easy to follow instructions
  • Complete with 13 amp plug & crocodile clips

Made to European Electrical Safety Regulations.

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