Cadac BBQ Grill Mat 30

Cadac BBQ Grill Mat 30
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Cadac BBQ Mat 30

The Cadac BBQ Mat 30 helps you to enjoy marinated meats, burgers and kebabs without the mess and clean up after, this set of 3 resusable BBQ mats keeps all the fats and food away from your BBQ Grid. It is perfect for when short on time for cleaning the BBQ afterwards - just clean the mat after each use, or where you are looking for a healthier way to cook.

You simply place one of the BBQ Mats on top of the BBQ grid when you are ready to start cooking, then add the food! Any fat or burnt bits will stay on top rather than dripping down into the burners of your BBQ. Once finished, simply remove the mat and wash in warm soapy water and any burnt on food will slide off with ease.

The mats are made from the same material as Cadac's Skottel Liners, these robust mats retain no odour or flavour from previous cooking sessions, and the super hard-wearing non stock coating means each one will see you through years of barbecuing.

There are many other foods that can be cooked on this mat liner, such as chicken wings, burgers and sausages, you can also cook stir fries, pancakes and eggs, all without using any oil at all. Foods cook in their juices for maximum flavour and, even though they're cooked on the liner, you'll still get the traditional chargrill lines on your food.

  • Set of 3 Mats
  • Easy clean, non-stick coated
  • Reusable double sided
  • Keeps fats and food away from grid surface
  • Healthier cooking - no oils needed
  • Reusable, robust and long lasting
  • Fits the Safari Chef 30 range only

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