400 & 800 & 1200 Watt Halogen Heater

400 & 800 & 1200 Watt Halogen Heater
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3 Power Level Halogen Heater.

*These are Elpine branded heaters*

A Halogen heater is a perfect, low cost, heating solution. Highly portable and offering instant heat from the moment they are switched on make these highly popular choices for consumers. Halogen heaters give off a warming, cosy glow of light and are sure to keep you warm.

This halogen-powered heater is a must during the winter months when the cold really sets in! The halogen heating elements provide heat almost instantly when the unit is switched on, whilst the low running costs are estimated as being from just 10 pence per hour. The safety tilt switch is a reassuring feature for those with pets or small children; if the unit is knocked over power to the heating elements is automatically cut off.

Low Watt Halogen Heater


  • 400 watt output
  • 800 watt output
  • 1200 watt output
  • Tilt and fall safety cut off switch
  • Oscillating control
  • Stand
  • Fitted UK Plug


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