Outdoor Revolution Esprit AIR Pro 420 - Factory Return

Outdoor Revolution Esprit AIR Pro 420 - Factory Return

Brand:  Outdoor Revolution

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Outdoor Revolution

Outdoor Revolution Esprit AIR Pro 420 - Factory Return

Touring quality awning, not suitable for seasonal prolonged or permanent pitch.

About this factory return:

  • This awning has been thoroughly inspected by an experienced technician and has reported the following:
    • The awning is in excellent condition, it has slight marks as you would expect on first pitch
    • The awning features a dual beading with both 4mm and 6mm for attachment to caravans or motorhomes within the corresponding height range of 235 - 250 cm
    • Includes two storm straps
    • Includes 3 Cross AIR Tubes for the roof
    • AIR Tube system has been pressure tested with no faults or leaks identified
    • Includes a 6 month guarantee from any defects
    • Storm damage is not covered under the guarantee

The Esprit AIR Pro 420 is a spacious and versatile caravan awning designed to provide additional living and storage space for larger caravans. It has been produced from a 800 High Density Dyed Woven Fabric, this awning boasts advanced materials that offer durability, weight-saving benefits and an elegant appearance.

The awning features three large front panels that can be opened for easy and wide access, making it convenient for families with pushchairs or wheelchair users. Additionally, the side doors can be opened to allow for ample ventilation and air circulation inside the awning.

Key Features of the Esprit Pro 420:

  • Dynamic Speed Valve: The awning can be quickly and effortlessly inflated using the Dynamic Speed Valve, which ensures a stable structure and faster pitching time. An Intelligent Frame Relief Valve presents over-inflation of the AIR Frame.
  • Tinted Windows: The introduction of tinted windows allows plenty of natural light into the awning while reducing glare on bright days. The awning also features skylight windows above the front panels, providing a downward beam of light for a cosy atmosphere. Traditional curtains offer privacy and warmth during the awning.
  • Dura-Tech Welding: The awnings AIR Frame features dura-tech welding, providing durability and longevity by combating abrasion and wear. This technology ensures improved strength and stability.
  • Phoenix Mesh: The awning incorporates Phoenix Mesh, a smart material with the ability to repair 'snag' damage caused by usage over time. The mesh returns to its original form when being manipulated manually by the user.


  • Pro 800HS Fabric - Durable Traditional Feel Fabric
  • Dura-Tech Single Inflation Point Tube - Single Point Inflation Frame
  • Dynamic Speed Valve - The quickest and most reliable inflation valve
  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve - OR's exclusive pressure relief valve to prevent over inflation
  • Tinted Windows - to reduce glare and increase privacy
  • Phoenix Mesh Doors - Self repairing 'smart' mesh
  • Heavy Duty PVC Mud Wall - To maintain a comfortable temperature inside the awning
  • Two reflective storm straps

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