2016 Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 XL (Factory Second)

Factory Return
2016 Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 XL (Factory Second)
2016 Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 XL (Factory Second)2016 Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 XL (Factory Second)2016 Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 XL (Factory Second)2016 Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 XL (Factory Second)
Our Price:  £675.00
List Price:  £1,420.00
Saving Of:  £745.00 (52%)

Brand:  Kampa AirFrame Inflatable Products
Awning Type:  Inflatable Motorhome Awning
To Fit Heights:  265 - 280cm (XL)
Width:  400 cm
Colours:  Grey/Charcoal
Hydrostatic Head:  6000mm
Flysheet Material:  300D WeathershieldŽ Double Coated Oxford Polyester
Depth:  300 cm
Weight:  27.5 Kg
Upright Poles / Canopy Poles:  Rear Uprights NOT Included
Groundsheet:  Optional Extra
Inner Tent:  Included with annexe
Annexe:  Optional Extra

Delivery:  FREE Express Delivery



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Kampa Dometic Luxury Continental Cushioned Carpet (Exquisite)Kampa Dometic Luxury Continental Cushioned Carpet (Exquisite)

Kampa AirFrame Inflatable Products

Kampa MOTOR ACE Air PRO 400 XL (Factory Second)

About this Factory Second Kampa Air Awning:

  • The awning has been full erected, inspected and tested.
  • All air tubes and valves have been tested and perform as manufactured.
  • Awning is in excellent condition.
  • Slightest of pitching marks
  • No original manufacturers box or packaging
  • A 12 month Guarantee on Air Tubes & 6 month guarantee is offered on the flysheet with this item.
  • Grab an amazing bargain on this awning.
  • Rear Upright Legs are missing from this awning.

For the ultimate in a luxury inflatable motorhome awning you need look no further than the all new Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 awning, Kampa's flagship pump up motorhome awning. Built on the success of the Kampa Ace 400 the all new inflatable Motor Ace Air 400 offers style and functionality which is sure to make you the envy of the motorhome park. No other inflatable awning on the market offers the same level of quality and features packed into the Kampa Air Ace product. Kampa have packed everything they have learnt about caravan and motorhome awnings over thirty seven years of development into this years long awaited new awning.

The shaped front panels not only look outstanding but they also serve to extend the living space to a huge 300cm. The inside is airy and very spacious, enhanced by the large front panoramic windows and three beautiful roof light panels offering loads of light during the day and views of the stars at night, all very romantic.

The revolutionary Kampa Motor Ace Air AirFrame awning designed exclusively by Kampa can be unpacked and erected in under 5 mins. The Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 is quite simply our best selling inflatable motor home awning, we just can get enough of them!

No poles, all you need is a pump, a pitch and a suitable motor home. Made from 'Feel the difference' extra heavy duty Double Coated 300D Weathershield materials the Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 boasts the same build quality as the Kampa Motor Rally Pro a top selling, class leader in motor awnings. Now available in the ACE AIR Range - these Motor Ace Air 400 awnings are an excellent example of how to make a really great awning.

The new 2016 Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 uses the revolutionary 'AirFrame' system, which as the name suggests is an inflatable integrated pole system which provides the awning with both structure and support. The AirFrame is inconspicuous, thoughtfully designed and robust, really robust, once inflated the awning is incredibly strong, deceptively so. One of the most impressive new features for 2016, is the adjustable rear bumper pads, which now allow you to bridge the gap between your Fiamma canopy and the awning with the use of multi function rear upright poles. An extremely clever system which allows for the rear pads to be folded back 90 degrees and still accommodate a rear pole, which holds the flat firmly to your roll out canopy. This solves one of the most common problems associated with attaching an awning to a roll out canopy. Genius! This feature is only found on the new 2016 models supplied by www.a2zcamping.co.uk

Also new for 2016 are the zip out - completely redesigned side panels. Both side panels can now be removed to accept the new Kampa ACE Air Bedroom Annexe. Ideal if you need to increase your sleeping accommodation. Two versions of the bedroom annexe are available - a poled annexe and a new inflatable annexe. Both are made from the same super durable 300D Weathershield materials and can be fitted to either side of your new 2016 Kampa Motor Ace Air 400. This is a really superb improvement which allows for even more luxury sleeping or storage space.


All the Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 windows use Kampa CrystalClear technology and have 'real' awning curtains which run on their own easy slide tracks and include proper curtain tie backs to enhance the interiors homely feel. The entire awning can also be opened up, as each of the three front panels and both side panels can be completely removed or zipped open half way for a veranda style awning. This is brilliant if you have children or pets you want to contain whilst opening the awning up to the fresh air.

Kampa have also made it possible to add a stylish match bedroom annexe to either end of the awning, or if you need more space you can add an annexe to both ends making two extra bedrooms. The annexes are made from the same super strong, super durable 300D WeatherShield materials use on the awning itself so they look and match perfectly and add a real touch of class to this already stunning package.

The revolutionary Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 AirFrame awning can be unpacked and erected in under 5 mins. No poles, all you need is the supplied pump, a pitch and a motorhome. Made from 'Feel the difference' extra heavy duty Double Coated 300D Weathershield materials the Motor Ace Air 400 boasts the same build quality as the Kampa Rally Pro a top selling, class leader in motor porch awnings. Now available in the PRO Range - these Motor Ace Air 400 awnings are an excellent example of how to make a really great luxury awning.

The new 2016 Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 uses the revolutionary 'AirFrame' system, which as the name suggests is an inflatable integrated pole system which provides the awning with both structure and support. The AirFrame is inconspicuous, thoughtfully designed and robust, really robust, once inflated the awning is incredibly strong, deceptively so.

The rigidity of the product is something you have to see to believe. Lateral movement is minimal when either wind or force is applied - much more so than a pole system. This has been made possible by the modular internal AirFrame. Above each window section is an AirBeam support sandwiched between the vertical uprights. Pressure laterally is absorbed and spread across the awning forcing the air pressure to increase in the horizontal beam. Clever indeed. You would expect the AirFrame to be big and cumbersome to live with, but the internal space isn't compromised by the frame at all.

The inner tubes are enclosed in their own zipped sleeve which are inter connected with a clever isolating valve system. Each section can be individually isolated from the next making for easy maintenance and more importantly keeping the size to a minimum whilst retaining strength. At the base of the awning on the inside is a unique internal corner system which keeps the uprights in the correct position and stabilises the front, sides and base. Stitched directly to the outer flysheet, the corner holds everything together in the perfect position.

Other notable features include internal real curtains which slide on their own easy slide curtain rails, rear bumper pads and a 6000mm hydrostatic head. The awning is very easy to set up; slide the cord onto your motorhome awning rail or roll out canopy and peg out the bottom rear of the awning. A front section upright has its own inflation point, insert the pump into the socket and start pumping, or for the less energetic use the optional electric pump. In less than 60 seconds the awning is fully inflated and ready to peg out, it's really that easy, even manually inflating the awning is that quick. There's no magic pump or compressed air system as the Kampa Ace Air PRO needs only 10-12 PSI recommended although the inner tubes have been tested beyond 25 PSI, much higher pressures than you could achieve with a manual hand pump. Testing to these pressures is important as air pressure increases with temperature. You want to know the awning will hold its shape in the warm sunshine right?
It's virtually impossible to over inflate this awning with the supplied pump as the tubes are double sealed in their own sleeve, which would increase the resistance and therefore the air pressure. Like an inner tube in a tyre - it's relatively easy to over inflate a tube out of the tyre, but much harder when the tubes in the tyre. Replacement Airframe parts are also available and Kampa have indicated that unlike any other Kampa Rally awning, the Airframe will be included in the Kampa warranty! As with any warranty there will be conditions but this inclusion will allay many fears with regards to this technology. As the Airframe is modular, replacing a section would be as easy as replacing a pole section.

One things for sure, these awnings pack away nicely and have the obvious advantage of being lightweight and easy to store. The Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 weighs in at a miserly 28kg incredible for an awing of this size.

The guidelines are stitched to heavy duty pegging point about two thirds the way up on the front uprights and again at the very bottom. Kampa call this their Quickpitch guying system. The guidelines look very much like webbing used on storm strap kits, made from high visibility webbing, very strong and a massive improvement on the normal guidelines used on most awnings. Pegging out is just like a normal Kampa Rally Awning, with the option of a Storm Tie Down kit made possible as the storm buckles are sewn directly onto the awnings 'frame' with heavy duty fittings high on the far left and far right side panels.

There is no doubt to the quality of these awnings; extremely well manufactured, with careful attention to detail and thoughtful design features much as you would expect from a company synonymous with top quality products.

Technical Specification:

  • 300D Weathershield heavy duty fabric - Double Coated Oxford polyester
  • Kampa AirFrame inflatable pole system with single point inflation
  • Roll to the side or roll down front awning panels with veranda style option
  • Removable front panels
  • Removable side panels
  • Optional luxury bedroom annexe fits either side (or both)
  • Large front panoramic windows with curtains
  • Secondary mesh panel on side doors
  • All windows use Kampa Crystal Clear technology
  • Internal real awning curtains on easy slide track
  • Ventilation in awning eaves
  • Fitted with Kampa AccessoryTrack for full range of optional equipment
  • Draught skirt included
  • Optional Kampa Storm Straps ready
  • Optional roof lining ready
  • Rear Upright Pole system included


  • Designed to fit awning rail / Roll out canopy heights:
    • Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 XL - 265cm-280cm high
  • Width: 400cm
  • Depth: 300cm
  • Pack size: 90 x 40 x 40cm approx
  • Weight: 28kg approx
Optional extras:
  • Continental Cushioned Carpet
  • Organiser for accessories track
  • Hanging rail for accessories track
  • Internal roof lining
  • Easy Tread Carpet
  • Storm Tie Down Kit
  • Two Stage Electric Pump
  • Optional Bedroom Annexe

Why buy a Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 Inflatable awning from a2zcamping.co.uk

After years of development, Kampa Air awnings have revolutionised caravanning. Gone are the traditional metal poles, replaced by strong, high pressure inflatable AirFrame poles. No more struggling with awning frames and trying to find the correct pole, the AirFrame is already attached to the awning for simple, one step set up.

The new Motor Ace Air 400 is one of the easiest awning to set up and even easier to take down and pack away. The Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 is also incredibly light at only 24kg which reduces your overall payload. The Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 has no metal or fibreglass poles to damage your motorhome, only AirPoles which rest against your vehicle with no other attachment.

With the AirFrame already attached you’ll never going to forget or loose your poles, whilst the AirFrame is very rigid it does flex in the wind meaning that you’ll never break or bend a pole again. Simply thread the awning onto the awning rail of your motorhome or roll out canopy – as the Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 is incredibly lightweight even sliding the awning onto your motorhome is much easier.

Like all Kampa inflatable awnings, it is inflated from a single inflation point as all internal AirPoles are connected using a clever system of valves unique to the Kampa range. All Kampa inflatable awnings are supplied with a high volume hand pump which enables you to inflate the awning in less than 2 minutes and because Kampa use high pressure inflatable AirPoles it’s impossible to over inflate your awning with the supplied pump.

There is very little doubt that Kampa are the market leaders in lightweight inflatable awnings and they are the only inflatable awnings where all the poles are linked together using a patented valve system. On some other brands each of the poles are separate and need to be inflated or pumped up individually. Kampa inflatable awnings need no additional support poles, either inflatable or conventional, whereas other brands require fibreglass or metal poles to provide additional support.

Additional information:

Kampa awnings are sold exclusively through a network of authorised dealers of which www.a2zcamping.co.uk are a proud member. This ensures you will receive an exceptional level of pre and post sales support and professional experience in selecting the best awning for your needs. Nobody does lightweight awnings better or has a more complete range than Kampa - a2zcamping.co.uk stock the entire range to ensure you have access to all the latest information you need and to despatch your product from stock by insured next working day courier.

All Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 awnings from a2zcamping.co.uk feature sewn in sealing bumper pads to create a seal between your awning and your motorhome; this can be further improved by using the optional rear upright poles set. The awnings are made from attractive heavy duty, hard wearing materials and we invite you to 'feel the difference' on our shop display awnings.

Every Kampa Motor Ace Air 400 awning comes complete with a draught skirt, fully adjustable pegging points, pegs, instructions and a large compression storage bag that makes packing away and storing your awning an absolute breeze.

Your awning is an important extension of your motorhome and at www.a2zcamping.co.uk we understand that making a purchase is a very personal process. If you have any questions or queries please get in touch and we will do our best to guide you through the entire Kampa awning range.

*the height measured from the ground to the awning rail on your motorhome. Please see our sizing pages for more information or if you are unsure how to measure this height.

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