Dorema President XL300 Full Awning | 2020

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Dorema Annexe Inner Tent:  
ALU EasyGrip Frame (Size 10-14):  
ALU EasyGrip Frame (Size 15-22):  
FibreGlass Frame (Size 10-14):  
FibreGlass Frame (Size 15-19):  
President Tall Annexe:  
Dorema Adjustable Veranda Pole: 120-215cm (Steel):  
Dorema Adjustable Veranda Pole: 195-280cm (Steel):  
Dorema Adjustable Veranda Pole: 270-355cm (Steel):  
Annex De Luxe:  
ALU frame for annex (tall annex only):  
President Mesh Side Panel:  
Dorema Starlon Luxury Awning CarpetDorema Starlon Luxury Awning Carpet
Dorema Safe Lock System KitDorema Safe Lock System Kit


2020 Dorema President XL300 - Full 3 Metre Deep Caravan Awning

The President XL 300 is the ultimate quality awning for campers who require the luxury of a 3 metre deep awning. The roof is produced from the best quality Ten Cate All Season material with a beautiful modern print on the inside. Notice the extra side window on the President XL 300, this makes the awning feel extra spacious. The walls are made from the brand new DormaTex by Ten Cate All Season designer material exclusively developed for Dorema. The President XL 300 is the ultimate quality awning for touring or seasonal site use.

The new 2020 Dorema President XL300 now come complete with a standard Easy Grip steel frame and include Dorema Quick Lock Pads - perfect for securing your awning to your precious caravan without fear of damaging your vehicle - the perfect solution now included free with your new Dorema Caravan Awning


  • Depth: 300 cm
  • Roof material: DormaTex by Ten Cate coated polyester, printed on the inside with a beautiful design
  • Wall material: DormaTex by Ten Cate All Season designer awning fabric, heavy quality coated polyester
  • Front panel: Both panels can be rolled down or zipped out
  • Side panels: Both panels are fitted with a door and can be rolled down or zipped out
  • Frame: 25 mm EasyGrip steel frame (sizes 6 - 17) and 28mm EasyGrip Steel Frame (Sizes 18 - 22 only), 2 extra roof support poles in size 10-22, 2 extra front legs in size 15-22
  • Available sizes: 775-1200 cm
  • Available colour: Charcoal/grey
  • Weight: President XL300: Size 7 approx. 37 kg


  • A ventilation opening in the ridge of the front panel that can be closed with a zipped panel
  • On the right-hand side you will find a flyscreen panel

Optional extras:

  • 28mm EasyGrip Steel Frame (Sizes 6 - 17 only)
  • Lightweight aluminium EasyGrip Quick System frame (NOT recommended for permanent site use)
  • Lightweight FibreTech Plus frame (NOT recommended for permanent site use)
  • Annex De Luxe tall with pointed roof
  • Inner tent annexe
  • Verandah pole
  • Stormpoles for extra stability
  • Safe Lock System kit
  • Mesh Side Panel
  • Roof Support poles

Special features:

  • 25mm EasyGrip Steel Frame (Standard in Sizes 6 - 17 only)
  • 28mm EasyGrip Steel Frame (Standard in Sizes 18 - 22 only)
  • Annex fitted with a double zip system, this enables you to replace the side panel
    (not possible if you use an Annex Inner Tent)
  • Covered zips in matching material for extra protection
  • Annexe is designed to fit on either the left or right-hand side of the awning
  • Fitted with Quick Lock profile
  • Fitted with Safe Lock System
  • Fitted with beading for Palma Awning Sun Canopy

Brand:  Dorema
Colours:  Charcoal/Grey
Size Range:  775 cm - 1200 cm
Frame Type:  25mm EasyGrip Steel (Sizes 6 - 17) and 28mm EasyGrip Steel Frame (Sizes 18 - 22)
Annexe Option:  Tall Only
Materials:  DormaTex by Ten Cate Coated All Season
Awning Depth:  300 cm
One Piece Roof:  DormaTex by Ten Cate Coated Polyester
Either Side Annexe:  Left or Right Fitting
Door Options:  Two Front, One Each Side (4)

Choosing the right groundsheet for your awning just got a lot easier. Below we have shown the most popular awning sizes together with the correct size groundsheet to suit.

Awning Size Groundsheet Length
Size 4 ~ 725 - 750cm  350cm
Size 5 ~ 750 - 775cm 400cm
Size 6 ~ 775 - 800cm 400cm
Size 7 ~ 800 - 825cm 450cm
Size 8 ~ 825 - 850cm 450cm
Size 9 ~ 850 - 875cm 450cm
Size 10 ~ 875 - 900cm 500cm
Size 11 ~ 900 - 925cm 550cm
Size 12 ~ 925 - 950cm 550cm
Size 13 ~ 950 - 975cm 600cm
Size 14 ~ 975 - 1000cm 600cm
Size 15 ~ 1000 - 1025cm 650cm
Size 16 ~ 1025 - 1050cm 650cm
Size 17 ~ 1050 - 1075cm 650cm
Size 18 ~ 1075 - 1100cm 700cm
Size 19 ~ 1100 - 1125cm 700cm
Size 20 ~ 1125 - 1150cm 750cm

Don't forget to check your awning depth - standard awning normally have a depth of 250cm but some are a little deeper at 300cm with extra deep awnings at 350cm.

If you are still unsure, please drop us an email or give the counter staff a ring: contact details can be found on the contact us page.


Dorema. The best choice. Innovative design and advanced technology.

A caravanning holiday has become the perfect way to recharge your energy, enjoying all aspects of the unique community spirit, alone, together or as a family. Whether you are an avid tourer or someone who is seasonally sited Dorema have it covered with our latest range of awnings. At Dorema our aim for over 25 years has been to make this time as easy and stress free as possible which will further enhance the time whilst you are on holiday. Our success has been achieved through a policy of innovation along with the use of the very latest techniques and European quality materials.

We believe that from your first contact with one of our qualified Dorema dealers, along with the complete after sales and customer service provided, purchasing a Dorema awning is the right choice for you.

The Dorema team of friendly experts are just a telephone call away, whether your question is technical or just that you are totally confused. The Dorema awning experts are ready and waiting to answer all your questions. They can be contacted directly or through us at

The quality of Dorema awnings is in the detail. All Dorema awnings and sun canopies are equipped with their multifunctional draught skirt. Dorema's special solution is also for all aerodynamic caravan shapes. Ventilation; on most Dorema awnings there is a central net ventilation panel that can be closed with a zipped panel. Curtains run on their own easy glide plastic curtain track. Most Dorema awnings have matching covered zips, made from the same materials as the awning itself, these covers offer exceptional weather protection. All Dorema Awnings have the unique ladder strap supplied as standard. These fittings will ensure you obtain a perfect fit every time and they allow for variations in pitch conditions, slopes and deviations.

Dorema stands for quality and service. Dorema uses the very latest technologies to ensure that their products are trouble free and that you, the customer, are able to have many happy camping holidays. Dorema guarantees you a full back up service from their UK distribution centre. *Please see your products warranty card or the Dorema website for full terms and conditions. A 2 year Dorema manufacturers warranty is supplied as standard on all new Dorema Caravan Awnings.