Dorema Starcamp Tourer Full Touring Awning | 2024

Dorema Starcamp Tourer Full Touring Awning | 2024
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Brand:  Dorema StarCamp
Awning Type:  Full Awning
Colours:  Charcoal/Grey
Depth:  240cm
Weight:  Size 10 - 30kg Approx.
Annexe:  Optional
Size Range:  800 - 1100 (Size 7 - 18)
Frame Type:  25mm Steel

Dorema StarCamp

Dorema Starcamp Tourer Full Touring Awning - Charcoal

This awning is suitable for touring holidays and short breaks up to 12 weeks per year between March to September.

​- Tourer at unbelievable prices.

The new Starcamp Tourer by Dorema Awnings is their latest full awning in a lightweight material. The new Tourer is suited for the campers who require a full awning for weekend breaks or short holidays away at a time.

Depth: 240cm

Roof material: TenCate Coated Polyester

Wall material: Lightweight Coated Polyester

Front panel: Both panels can be rolled down or zipped out

Side panel: Both panels are fitted with a door and can be zipped out

Frame: 25mm steel frame, 5 roof support poles - Sizes 10 - 18

- 2 extra front lens in sizes 15 - 18

Available Sizes: 800 - 1100cm (7 - 18)

Weight: Size 10 approx. 30kg

Ventilation: - A ventilation opening in the ridge of the front panel that can be closed with a zipped panel


Special features:

- Covered zips in matching material for extra protection

- Annexes are designed to fit on either the left or right-hand side of the awning

- Fitted with Quick Lock profile - includes Quick Lock Pads.

- Fitted with Safe Lock System (Safe Lock Straps are optional)


Optional Extra's:

- Lightweight Fibre Tech Plus frame

- Annex tall with pointed roof

- Inner tent annex

- Veranda pole

- 2 extra storm poles for extra stability

- Safe Lock System kit


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