Kampa Ace Air Pro 400 2017 - Used

Kampa Ace Air Pro 400 2017 - Used
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Brand:  Kampa
Awning Type:  Inflatable Porch Awning
To Fit Heights:  235 - 250cm
Width:  500 cm
Colours:  Charcoal/Ivory
Hydrostatic Head:  6000mm
Depth:  300 cm
Weight:  29kg
Upright Poles / Canopy Poles:  Rear Uprights Optional
Annexe:  Optional Extra

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Kampa Ace Air 400 Weathershield Pro 2017 - Factory Second Awning

About this Factory Second Ace Air 400:

  • This awning has been fully erected and inspected with no air or water leaks.
  • The inflation tubes have been pressure tested to ensure they have no leaks.
  • Roof and panels are in a soiled condition in places, though still a very good strong porch.
  • A set of Storm Straps are supplied with this awning
  • No original manufacturers box.
  • ​Single inflation point.

Everything Kampa knows about awning design is incorporated within this model - thirty-nine years of continual awning design. The shaped front panels not only look good but provide extra interior space with a depth of 300cm. Moving inside the awning, the view out is spectacular, with large panoramic windows and skylights providing plenty of light during the day and a view of the stars at night.

For the ultimate in luxury inflatable caravan awnings you need look no further than the all new Kampa Ace Air awning, Kampa's flagship pump up awning. Built on the success of the Kampa Ace 400 the all new inflatable Kampa Ace Air 400 offers style and functionality which is sure to make you the envy of the caravan park. No other inflatable awning on the market offers the same level of quality and features packed into the Kampa Air Ace product. Kampa have packed everything they have learnt about caravan awnings over thirty seven years of development into this years long awaited new awning.

The Ace AIR Pro uses Kampa's fantastic Weathershield™ Pro fabric, their favourite fabric that they use extensively throughout the range of awnings as it has proved itself time and time again due to its excellent weatherproofing and long life whilst remaining light enough for easy set up and handling. For 2017 Kampa have made improvements to the UV protection and the coatings to make sure that Weathershield™ Pro continues to be market leading.

Interchangeable zip out side panels allow the fitting of an annexe and the reversal of the side doors - from the back of the awning, to the front. All the Ace AIR Pro's can now be fitted with optional front mesh panels, giving loads of ventilations whilst keeping the bugs out.

On top of all this, 2017 models are now 'Limpet™ Ready' and ready to accept the NEW Limpet™ Fix System - an ingenious method of attaching the side walls to the caravan. Simply attach the Limpet™ through the pre-cut holes in the rear of the awning and fasten to a smooth caravan surface. There are four holes on each side of the awning. Limpets™ come in a pack of eight and extra holes, to suit your caravan, can be made using the Limpet™ Hole Punch.

The windows all have curtains on easy run track. All the panels can be zipped out of the awning or lowered at the top and used ‘veranda’ style. Furthermore, an optional annexe can replace either of the side panels, or both, and an optional front mesh panel set is available to replace the front window panels. If weight is an issue the wall panels can be removed so that it's only necessary to feed the roof through the awning rail and simply zip the panels back in.

The Ace AIR is available in 300, 400 and 500 sizes and these can be complemented by the spectacular Sun Wing that is available for each of the sizes.

A steep front allows for class leading headroom and the side doors, which can be found on each side of the awning, feature a No-see-um mesh panel which helps keep out even the smallest of bugs whilst still allowing for added ventilation on hot days.

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A unique feature to the Kampa range, the AccessoryTrack™ adds an extra line of beading running on the inside, parallel with the awning beading that connects the awning to the caravan. This allows for accessories, such as an organiser and hanging rail, to be attached to the awning through the use of a specially designed connection by Kampa.