Rechargeable Lumi LED Awning Tent Lighting

Rechargeable Lumi LED Awning Tent Lighting
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Solar Tech International

LUMi 5v USB Rechargeable LED Awning & Tent Lighting

Light up your next camping trip with the new Lumi USB - a superbright rechargeable LED light which is superb to use anywhere you do not have access to mains electricity like tents, awnings, marquees, parasols, sheds, greenhouses or garden shed.

Lumi includes a built in Li-Ion battery that, when fully charged via USB, will give up to 12 hours of light. You can charge Lumi from any 5v USB port including laptops, computers, mains USB plug (not supplied) or even Solar Technologies range of solar chargers.

Technical Specification:

  • Built in 2000mAH Li-Ion Battery
  • Built in on/off switch
  • 4m of USB Cable
  • Hanging hook
  • Powerful LED: 40 Lumens
  • Illuminates an area around 3m x 3m

Key Features:

Camping & Travelling
Instant lighting for your tent, awning or gazeboo

Home & Garden
Transform your greenhouse, garage, shed, patio or stables

Home Emergencies:
Emergency lighting for any eventuality


These lights are just brilliant. The new LUMi are 5v USB rechargeable LED Lights which when fully charged give up to 12 hours of light to any tent, waning, greenhouse, shed or stable.

They can be used almost anywhere and are charged from a standard 5v USB port -so they're always ready to go. Their uses are endless and they include 4m USB cable and hanging clip so there's no limits to where you could put these. Just hook them up and switch them on.



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