2016 Kampa Caravan Awnings - Product Review

Monday, 7 September 2015  |  Josh

Over the past 10 years Kampa have undoubtedly become one of the most well respected manufacturers of caravan porch awnings, with a reputation based on sound design and value for money in an immensely competitive market place. Kampa, however, have an advantage over many of their competitors – innovation.

Kampa caravan awnings have always been desirable for a number of design features not found on other products. In 2013 Kampa launched the Rally Air range of inflatable awnings, bringing a simple interconnected air filled tube design to the UK caravan awning market. The Rally Air awning range was an instant success, far beyond expectations. The single inflation point design made the Kampa Rally Air a simple and reliable awning, highly sort after and sold out within weeks!

The new 2016 range of Kampa Caravan Awnings from a2zcamping.co.uk offers a combination of both more traditional poled porch awnings with the amazingly successful Kampa Rally Air awnings – you’re sure to find the perfect awning for your particular needs. 

2016 Kampa Rally Classic Awnings

The Kampa Rally Classic Range features the ever popular Rally 200, Rally 260, Rally 330 and Rally 390 awnings; all made from ‘Feel the difference’ 150D Weathershield flame retardant and UV stable materials with a comforting 4000mm hydrostatic head. Naturally all the major seams are hot air taped and sealed for maximum weatherproof protection and the entire range features Kampa’s Crystal Clear Windows all with internal blinds. Roll up front panels, extra fine ‘no-see-um’ mesh flyscreens and sealing rear bump pads are included as is a suitable caravan draught skirt.

But the real difference with these awnings, over some of the competition, is the legendary adjustable front steel legs which not only allow for the perfect pitch (even on uneven sites) but also keep the front of the awning more upright, allowing for maximum internal usable height.  Suitable for caravan awning rail heights of between 235-250cm the Kampa Rally awning range continues to be an ever popular choice with many touring caravan owners shopping at www.a2zcamping.co.uk.



2016 Kampa Rally Pro Heavy Duty Awnings

When you’re looking for a little more durability; Kampa have the Rally Pro Range. Based on the standard range but with one major difference – the Kampa Rally Pro awnings are made from ultra tough ‘Feel the difference’ double coated 300D Weathershield Oxford Polyester. This superb fabric offers an incredible hydrostatic head of 6000mm making it superbly suited to the British weather conditions. Again the material is flame retardant, all major seams are hot air taped and sealed to ensure maximum weather protection. Crystal clear windows with internal real awning curtains and ‘no-see-um’ mesh flyscreen side doors keep out even the smallest bugs.

The Kampa Rally Pro range keeps the brilliant adjustable front steel legs to ensure the perfect pitch and preformed curved steel roof poles keep the entire awning secure with excellent water run off. Rear sealing pads can be used with upright poles to form a better seal between your awning and the caravan with optional Kampa Storm Straps offered to further improve the awnings stability during inclement weather conditions. The Kampa Rally Pro caravan awnings from a2zcamping will fit caravan awning rail heights of between 235-250cm. To increase your sleeping accommodation the 2016 Kampa Rally Pro awnings will accept an optional side annexe which includes an inner bedroom tent. Available in four sizes: Rally Pro 200, Rally Pro 260, Rally Pro 330 and Rally Pro 390 all in a neutral charcoal and grey colour scheme.




2016 Kampa Ace 400 Heavy Duty Luxury Awning

Completing the range of poled awnings, the Kampa Ace 400 has fast become the must have touring family awning with www.a2zcamping.co.uk customers. With a depth of 300cm the largest in the Kampa range, the Ace 400 awning has all the features of the Kampa Rally Pro range with a few tricks up its sleeve. For a start the Kampa Ace 400 has a stylish bay fronted design which adds an extra dimension to the look and feel of this luxury awning. The Ace 400 features the ‘feel the difference’ double coated 300D Oxford polyester Weathershield flame retardant and UV stable materials with the same incredible 6000mm hydrostatic head  found on the Pro range. Naturally all major seams are hot air taped and sealed against the elements and windows feature Kampa’s Crystal Clear product with real internal curtains. All the front and side panels can be zipped out completely to open up the entire awning living space making it a superb sun shelter when the weathers really nice.

With all the panels in place, the Ace 400 has superb internal living space, which is both light and airy thanks to Kampa brilliant ventilation system and large panoramic windows. The Kampa Ace 400 also features three Skylight roof windows adding yet another perspective to your living accommodation. ‘No-see-um’ mesh flyscreens on side doors, rear sealing bumpers, adjustable front aluminium upright legs and preformed curved steel roof poles complete this outstanding package. An optional side bedroom annexe is also available should you need to increase your sleeping accommodation. The Kampa Ace 400 offers the most complete awning package for the larger family who wish to maximise their touring caravan holidays in luxury.


2016 Kampa Rally Air Inflatable Awnings

Featuring heavily in the new 2016 Kampa awning collection are the amazing inflatable air awnings, with the ever popular Kampa Rally Air 260 and Kampa Rally Air 390 inflatable lightweight porch offering superb value for money. Both awnings have the patented Kampa single inflation point system with each interconnecting air beam capable of being isolated via Kampa’s ingenious valve system. Made from 150D ‘Feel the difference’ Weathershield heavy duty materials which are flame retardant and UV stable, the Kampa Rally Air awnings have an incredible hydrostatic head of 6000mm with the same hot air taped and sealed seams found on the entire Kampa range. The roll to the side front panels on the Rally Air 260 allow for a veranda style front aspect with the addition of a roll up central panel  on the Rally Air 390 which can also be used as a sun canopy.

Both Rally Air awnings have Crystal clear windows with internal blinds, ‘no-see-um’ mesh flyscreen side entrance doors and increased eave ventilation together with rear sealing bumper pads and awning draught skirt. The Kampa Rally Air awning can be fully pitched and pegged out in less than 5 minutes with a cleaver Quickpitch guying system. Storm straps for improved stability during inclement weather conditions and rear upright sealing poles to improve the seal between the awning and the caravan are available as optional extras. Sleeping capacity can be increased with an optional inner bedroom tent which can be used with the new Kampa Rally Air Roof Liner which adds a luxury feel to the internal living space as well as helping to reduce any condensation issues.


2016 Kampa Rally Air Pro Inflatable Heavy Duty Awnings

Since its introduction the Kampa Rally Air Pro range has been a2zcamping’s best selling inflatable awning across almost every size. Now available in four sizes: Rally Air Pro 200, Rally Air Pro 260, Rally Air Pro 330 and Rally Air Pro 390, these incredibly popular inflatable heavy duty caravan awnings feature Kampa’s single point inflation system and each internal air beam can be individually isolated using the ingenious Kampa isolation valve system. As you would expect from a Pro awning, the Kampa Rally Air Pro range are constructed using the ‘Feel the difference’ double coated 300D Weathershield Oxford Polyester fabric which is both flame retardant and UV stable. All major seams are hot air taped and sealed against the elements giving these awnings a superb 6000mm Hydrostatic head.

Using Kampa’s clever Quickpitch guying system, the entire awning can be pitched and pegged out by a single person in less than five minutes. That’s impressive for a family awning packed full of features and offering this level of protection and convenience. New for 2016 are the long awaited removable side panels. This enables the entire Kampa Rally Air Pro range to accept an optional side bedroom annexe (or two if required). But that’s not the end of the story. Kampa have manufactured both a traditional poled bedroom annexe and a super lightweight Air Inflatable bedroom annexe – either can be used with your Kampa Rally Air Pro awning and both include an inner sleeping tent. The annexes are made from the same superb 300D Weathershield materials and obviously match the colour and style of your inflatable family Kampa awning.

Other options available from a2zcamping include rear upright poles to improve the seal between your awning and the caravan, storm straps to further improve stability during inclement weather conditions, luxury roof liner which add a real homely feel inside the living space and help to reduce internal condensation and of course made to measure cushioned carpets.  The entire Kampa Rally Air Pro range have real internal curtains for every window and now have Skylight roof window panels which add yet another impressive feature to this top selling awning range.


2016 Kampa Fiesta Air Pro Heavy Duty Inflatable Awnings

Building on the success of the Kampa Fiesta Air Pro range, the new and improved Kampa Fiesta Air Pro 280, Kampa Fiesta Air Pro 350 and the largest Kampa Fiesta Air Pro 420 all now feature an improved side panel design which includes an entrance door. The side panels are completely interchangeable, enabling you to choose which side to have the door. The Fiesta Air Pro awnings all feature removable front and side panels. Using Kampa’s single inflation point system, any of the Kampa Fiesta Air Pro awnings can be inflated and pegged out in less than five minutes. Each individual internal air beam can be isolated using the same clever valve system found across the entire Kampa Inflatable awning range. The Kampa Fiesta Air Pro awnings are made from ‘Feel the difference’ Weathershield 300D Double Coated Oxford Polyester materials which are fire retardant and UV stable – with all major seams hot air taped and sealed against the elements. The Fiesta Pro Air range has a hydrostatic head of 6000mm, making them incredibly waterproof.  Each Crystal Clear window has its own internal blind for improved privacy and each blind can be rolled away into its own storage pocket when not in use. A ‘No-see-um’ mesh flyscreen is used on the side door with sealing bumper pads to improve the seal between the awning and your caravan. Kampa Storm Straps can also be added as an optional extra. All three Kampa Fiesta Air Pro awnings from a2zcamping can also accept an optional side bedroom annexe and zip on front sun canopy, both made from the same heavy duty 300d materials to match your awning. Cleverly the Kampa Fiesta Air Pro awnings have both 6mm and 4mm Keder beading fitted, which means these awnings can be attached to both standard caravan awning rails or directly to Fiamma roll out canopies often found on motorhomes. Suitable for caravans or motorhome awning rails of between 235-250cm high, the Kampa Fiesta Air Pro 280 requires a rail length of 320cm; the Kampa Fiesta Air Pro 350 needs a rail length of 375cm and the Kampa Fiesta Air Pro 420 needs 445cm of straight awning rail.


2016 Kampa Ace Air Luxury Inflatable Awnings

Without a doubt the most requested awnings in the Kampa inflatable awning range, the Kampa Ace Air is a superb luxury family awning. Now available from a2zcamping.co.uk in three different widths: Ace Air 300, Ace Air 400 and Ace Air 500. The entire range use the Kampa single inflation point system with interconnected air beams, each can be individually isolated with Kampa’s clever valve system. Constructed from heavy duty ‘Feel the difference’ double coated 300D Weathershield Oxford Polyester fabric which is both flame retardant and UV stable, with major seam hot air taped sealed to provide maximum weather resistance. The Kampa Ace Air awnings have a 6000mm hydrostatic head giving you and your family the best water protection available in the range.

Roof window skylights and crystal clear windows with internal awning curtains make for a bright and airy awning living area across all three sizes. The Ace Air 300 has two removable front panels with the larger Ace Air 400 and Ace Air 500 having three removable front panels - all sizes have two removable side panels which can accept the optional bedroom annexe. Bedroom annexes are available in either a poled or inflatable version and include an inner bedroom tent.

The Kampa Ace Air Inflatable awning uses the Quicklock guying system making it easy to fully pitch and peg out these awnings in less than five minutes. Both side panels include an entrance door with ‘no-see-um’ flyscreen mesh and ventilation is provided through eave corner vents. Rear sealing bumper pads can be used with Kampa rear upright poles to provide additional weather protection between the awning and your caravan with the option to add Kampa Storm Straps for those windy coastal locations. A brand new optional front wing sun canopy can also be purchased which provides a massive shaded area on those long sunny summer days.


 2016 Kampa Awning Accessories

Optional extras add a personal touch and a home from home feel to your new awning. Kampa have produced a range of accessories to perfectly compliment the new 2016 awning range from a2zcamping.co.uk. The All new Pro Windbreak is a perfect example. Brand new for 2016 the Kampa Pro Windbreak is a 5 metre heavy duty windbreaker made from the same incredibly durable ‘feel the difference’ double coated 300D Weathershield Oxford Polyester fabric used on the entire Kampa Rally Pro and Ace  awning range. The material is flame retardant and UV stabilised with the poles made from super strong steel. Standing 140cm high, the Pro Windbreak comes complete with high visibility fluorescent green guy lines, pegs and a tough, durable carry/storage bag. The Kampa Pro Windbreak also features three Crystal Clear horizontal window panels and three steel top cross poles which keeps the entire windbreak rigid and stable. 

Also new for the 2016 season is the Kampa SabreLink Awning Light System. 150 super-bright LED strip lights which, can linked together and, extended to form a continuous light rail around the interior of your awning. Every new 2016 Kampa awning has Velcro tabs compatible with the new SabreLink lighting system making it quick and simple to fit. The SabreLink also comes complete with pole clips and ‘S’-hooks for simple fitment almost anywhere. The SabreLink Starter kit includes a single lighting strip and remote control so you can begin creating your own awning mood lighting – oh very romantic!

For those who want a truly effortless camping experience, Kampa have introduced the Breeze 12v Two Stage Air Pump; designed specifically for their inflatable awnings and tents. The all new Breeze two stage air pump simply plugs into a 12v power source using the extra long power cables.  Simply set the required PSI and let the pump make inflating your awning a ... well breeze of course!

Kampa’s new 2016 cotton based Awning Roof Liners are a superb addition to any Kampa compatible awning. These roof liners attach inside your awning with the appropriate toggles adding a layer between the awnings interior and the awning roof. The roof liners really make a superb visually appealing look with the added bonus of helping to reduce internal condensation. The roof liner effectively traps a pocket of air within the roof area reducing the risk of condensation – any condensation that does form is then prevented from dripping into your awnings living space. Well worth the extra cost.

A range of Kampa Breathable Groundsheets are also available with the Kampa Continental Cushioned Carpet being a favourite with www.a2zcamping.co.uk customers. Made to measure groundsheets add a touch of luxury to your outside living space – and the continental cushioned carpet feels superb under foot, giving your awning a real home from home feel.

Kampa Easy Tread Breathable Awning Carpet is also available as a hard wearing simple breathable groundsheet, again made to measure and colour coordinated to perfectly match your Kampa awning. The Kampa Easy Tread Breathable Carpet has long been a firm favourite with touring caravan owners and weekend campers alike.

All Kampa awnings can also accommodate a set of Kampa Rear Upright Poles – which help prevent draughts by holding the sponge bump pads firmly against your caravan. The Rear Upright Poles simply fit into pockets sewn into the awning and adjust down to the ground.

Kampa Storm Straps are also available which attached to the sewn on buckles located on the front corners of your Kampa Awning. The Storm Strap kit includes two straps, two resistance fittings and two heavy duty pegs; these provide additional awning stability during windy conditions.

Somewhere to hang your wet coats or towels can also be added to your awning with the Kampa Hanging Rail. Available in two options; the front to back hanging rail fits inside the front of your awning and extends to the back, secured with buckles pre-sewn to the awnings interior. The other option is a hanging rail which fits to the Kampa Awnings AccessoryTrack – an additional beading track sewn exclusively onto Kampa awnings.

The Kampa AccessoryTrack can also accommodate the Kampa Awning Organiser – providing a convenient location to keep those holiday essentials like sunglasses (or reading glasses in my case), sun cream, bug spray or just about anything that fits into the large mesh pockets.

Check out all the latest Kampa Caravan Awnings on our website www.a2zcamping.co.uk , read updates and news on our Facebook pages, follow us on twitter or watch exclusive product videos via our YouTube channel – and if you have any questions, just drop us an email at info@a2zcamping.co.uk  

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