How to measure for a Full Caravan Awning

27 September 2012  |  Admin

Full Awnings are, as the name suggests, a caravan awning which essentially wraps all the way around the caravans awnings rail. And this is the measurement you will need to ensure you buy the prefect fit. Sounds easy right? But get this measurement wrong and it could be like trying to get into a very tight pair of jeans. Too small and you’ll find it impossible to pitch and peg out properly; too large and the awning will be flapping around like a giant kite on the side of your caravan – expensive and totally impractical for entertaining!

Now there is an easy way and a hard way to do this:

The Easy Way.

1. Grab your caravan instruction manual and turn to the page which gives all the caravan dimensions.

2. Normally listed under either ‘Awning Size’ or ‘A’ Measurement, record this value in centimetres.

3. Put your caravan manual away in a safe place; one day you may need it again.

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The Hard Way (so you’ve lost your instruction manual!).

1. Grab a ball of string, a roll of 5mm Rope or, failing all that a ball of wool, essentially anything which you can easily feed from one end of the awning rail to the other (with a bit to spare).

2. Knock a tent peg in the ground parallel with back edge of the awning rail directly under the caravan (point ‘B’ on the picture below).

3. Secure one end of your chosen measuring twine to the tent peg and feed the remainder through the awning rail, all the way around the caravan, being careful not to damage the awning rail or the twine!

4. Once at the front of the caravan, make sure you continue with the string/rope/wool all the way to the ground as shown as point ‘A’ on the diagram above. This is important as all modern awnings have a kind of built in panel to accommodate the return curve of the caravans shape. So you need to measure as shown.

5. Once you’re happy that point ‘A’ is touching the ground and point ‘B’ is still secured to the tent peg (double check because this is a common mistake, no really don’t laugh it is) cut the string at point ‘A’ as close to the ground as you can.

6. Remove the cut piece of string from the awning rail and measure it. This can be done in one long measurement or, to make it slightly easier, carefully fold the string in half and take a measurement then simply double it to get the full amount.

7. Record this measurement, again in centimetres, as this is your Full Awning size. 



A word about Manufacturers awning sizes.

Some awning manufacturers give their awnings a size number, for example Size 7 or Size 10. Now this is a really handy value if only all manufacturers gave the same ‘range’. However in the real world they don’t; so much like shoes – ask the lady in your life – a Size 5 from manufacturer X is not the same as a Size 5 from manufacturer Y. This is why it’s much easier to have the size recorded in centimetres, the true size can then be found for a particular make of awning.


All Full caravan awning manufacturers make their products to fit a size range. For example:

An ‘A’ Measurement of 917cm would require an awning size of 900-925
An ‘A’ Measurement of 1042cm would require an awning size of 1025-1050

You get the idea, and even if you don’t your friendly caravan awning supplier will be able to help find the right size to fit – having the right measurement let you focus on what awning you like, not what awning will fit.


Most good awning suppliers may even be able to look up your caravans ‘A’ measurements. For this you will need to know the make, model and year of manufacture of your caravan. That’s not always as easy as it sounds if you have an older model, so although we might be able to help I would always recommend you have the measurements to hand, you can then be sure your awning is going to fit perfectly.

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