How to measure for your perfect awning

13 February 2012  |  Admin

As with most purchases you're going to need to know what size will best fit first.
Almost every awning can be categorised into three main types:

  • Full Awnings
  • Lightweight Awnings
  • Porch Awnings

Essentially your going to need three measurements from your caravan to have all the information you need to purchase the right awning.

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Let’s start with the easy ones first:

Lightweight and Porch Awnings are manufactured to fit within a known caravan height range. So this should be your first measurement.

  1. Grab your tape measure.
  2. With the caravan parked on a level piece of ground, measure from the awning rail on the caravan down to terra firma (the ground to you and me!).
    This is, in awning term, your caravan height. Now I know your caravan is taller than this but when buying an awning the term ‘to fit caravan heights:’ always refers to this measurement.
  3. Record this measurement carefully (in centimetres) and keep it safe.

You are also going to need you awning rail straight length. So while you’ve got your tape measure handy and possibly a step to reach.

  1. Take a measurement along the straight part of your awning rail along the top of the caravan.
  2. It is important to only measure the straight part of the awning rail. Don’t be tempted to include the curved part of the rail as this will give you a false measurement for a Lightweight or Porch awning.
  3. Record this measurement in centimetres

That’s all the information you’ll need for the Lightweight and Porch awnings. BUT, and this could be important to your decision making process, note down the position of the caravan door and any windows. Why! Well say for example you buy a brand new 260cm lightweight awning in your favourite colour and perfect height. Only to find when you pitch it you cover half a window and no matter how you position it you’re still covering a window or worse, can’t open the caravan door! Planning is everything. Armed with this new information you’re now ready to start the search for an awning.

Although there maybe variations most porch and lightweight caravan awnings come in standard widths:

200cm, 225cm, 260cm*, 300cm, 325cm, 350cm, 330cm^ & 390cm*

By far the most common sizes for lightweights are the 260cm and the 390cm with all the major manufacturers offering awnings in these widths. A new third with of 330cm is slowly being introduced to ‘fill the gap’ between these two popular sizes.

Of course size isn’t everything but know what size fits always makes for a more comfortable holiday and a stress free purchase.

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