Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Speed 2 Awning Review

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There is little doubt that inflatable awnings have come of age with almost all manufacturers offering a range of pump up products aimed at every price range from the budget to the luxury market. Although you'll find an extensive range of designs and styles, the way these awning work is very similar. An internal inflatable air bladder, like an inner tube in a bicycle tyre, is filled with air giving the awning it's shape and structure. Some air awnings use a system of valves to connect poles together, whilst others have additional support poles which are inflated separately - both types aim to perform the same function, to keep the awning erect and stable whilst making them easy to erect and extremely lightweight when compared to a pole structured product.

One of the best examples of a simple yet features packed inflatable awning is the Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Speed II - a large 4 metre wide by 2.8 metre deep caravan or motorhome awning suitable for awning rail heights of between 235-250cm. The Speed II has a single span large arched aspect with an impressive 'intelligent' safety air valve system which allows air to escape preventing over inflation and account for air expansion during warm weather conditions. The exclusive Dynamic Speed Valve and one of the most robust air tube on the market provides superb stability, with only one inflation point. So confident are the manufacturers, Outdoor Revolution offer a lifetime guarantee on their air tubes - no other inflatable awning manufacturer offers this type of promise.


From the outside the awning has a pair of wide, almost full width, panoramic windows, pleasing to the eye and sympathetic to the overall feel of the awning. The windows themselves are made from top quality materials and have the Outdoor Revolution 'Tintz' treatment. A tinted window which ensures that the awnings interior remains light and airy whilst cutting down on the glare of direct sunlight. The windows also help to keep the temperature within the awning at a comfortable level.

Both front panels can be unzipped and rolled back to open the entire front of the awning if required (and weather permitting!) At night the awning is ventilated through two side vent located at the back and top of the awning close to the caravan. These vent help to minimise any condensation associated with lightweight awnings. Additional ventilation is situated towards the front of the roof where it meets the front panel. This ensures there is superb air flow keeping internal condensation to an absolute minimum.

The Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Speed II is made using their Acrylix Waterproof technology with 150D Double Ripstop Polyester walls and a 300D full height mudwall. The Oxygen Air Frame is a single inflatable beam which extends in a perfect arc from the floor just in front of the side door, across the front of the roof and back down to the opposite side door. 

Because of it's clever design the Air frame and of course the air pressure inside, pushes the awning up and out away from the caravan. This ensure that the roof is always perfectly tensioned to allow for fast rainwater run off and excellent headroom within the awnings living space. Because of the wide Oxygen Air Frame span and to maximise stability the Oxygen Speed 2 uses a single 'Integra RPS' pole which runs from the back of the awning through the roof and emerges at the top front of the awning. 

The Integra RPS pole then joins the front upright which includes an adjustable lower leg. This adjustment ensures a perfect fit on uneven ground or when pitching on a sloped surface. 

The interior of the awning is uncomplicated and uncluttered offering a large 400cm x 250cm living space with this area extending out to 280cm at the front. The air frame is designed to blend in with it's surroundings and is not intrusive. The colours compliment most caravan designs with a neutral two tone grey offset by a touch of aqua blue trim and clean modern lines. Both side doors offer wide, easy access and full fly screens which can of course be rolled back. The awning has plenty of well secured and strengthen anchor points and accommodate additional storm buckles which are supplied. Rear fitted bump pads and upright poles make for a good draught seal between the awning and the caravan and prevent side wall flapping from cross winds.

This beautiful looking awning really is a head turner - incredibly easy to pitch in under 10 minutes and extremely lightweight yet strong, stable and practical in design. Perfect for the weekend tourer and longer holidays away the Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Speed II is already a hit with many caravan owners and is perfectly placed to be our next best seller.

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Features at a glance:

  • Endurance storm straps included
  • Rear upright poles and pads with clips included
  • Secondary screen mesh doors
  • Zip in curtains for extra privacy
  • Tinted windows allow maximum light
  • Front and rear covered ventilation panels
  • Reinforced guylines and storm strap points
  • Heavy duty zips throughout
  • Double ripstop super strong flysheet
  • High quality material feel
  • Large footprint and superb internal head height
  • 320cm minimum awning rail plus 30cm each side
  • Dual awning beading (both 6mm and 4mm) to attach to standard awning rail or Fiamma roll out canopies 
  • Most advanced inflation valve on the market with safe blow off pressure regulator
  • Lifetime internal air bladder manufacturers warranty
  • Easy slide awning beading eyelet assisstors
  • Reinforced rear upright pole pockets
  • Deceptively large airy living area

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