Outdoor Revolution Porchlite Inflatable Awning Review

Saturday, 12 July 2014  |  Admin

Outdoor Revolution have a fantastic reputation for producing innovative awnings packed full of well thought out features design to offer useful benefits to their customers without compromising on quality. With a pedigree of manufacturing some of the best selling motorhome drive away awnings, their range of caravan awnings has quickly establishing a reputation of excellence.

The new range of inflatable caravan awnings from Outdoor Revolution includes one of my favourites – the Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Porchlite. The Oxygen Porchlite offers some of the most practical features in a really neat 260 x 250cm awning footprint. Constructed from the newly developed Acrylix Fabric, this material offers a silky smooth with huge versatile strength, built in double ripstop for extreme performance, flexibility and endurance to the elements and the suns ultra-violet rays. Exclusive to Outdoor Revolution, they claim this will outperform all of their competitors equivalent fabrics in terms of durability and lifespan. Acrylix can only be found on Outdoor Revolution products.

Additionally this awning benefits from a newly developed weatherproof and ultra-violet coating which has been specially applied to the fabrics. This greatly enhances the performance, durability and lifetime of the fabric. In real terms it can extend the performance of the fabric up to 3 times the lifetime of untreated fabrics. The Sunpro UV coating has been rigorously tested and is now a seasoned addition to this range.

Anyone who has ever owned or used a lightweight awning product will have experienced condensation to some degree or another. Outdoor Revolution spend time developing new and efficient systems with air and condensation as a major consideration. Outdoor Revolution always place considerable importance on their venting systems. The Oxygen Porchlite have more vents than many of its competitors and includes the Vortex Vent System (VVS) to increase clean air throughout the product, making a more pleasant environment, reducing condensation and further reducing any lingering smells in the awning.

Tinted windows on a porch awning! No really, the Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Porchlite has full Tintz windows which help lower direct sunlight and creating a more calmer atmosphere inside the awning. It looks cool and high quality, giving that premium look and feel on our superb new range of awnings. All the windows have internal zip curtains which offer maximum privacy when you need it. No velcro tabs or poorly designed clips, simply zip the curtain down and your done. Privacy is an important factor especially if you intent to erect the optional inner tent. The inner hangs from two sewn in tabs located at the front of the awning and two strong clips at the back, offering an ideal sleeping bedroom for two adult in comfort.

Other neat features include a large return flap with sponge bump pads for the rear upright poles helping to reduce rear draughts and form a nice seal between the caravan, motorhome and awning. The awning has a pair of retaining fixtures for the draught skirt which are sewn inside the rear return panel further improving the reduction of internal draughts.

Three super strong storm straps ensure your awning will stay pitched even during inclement weather conditions. The storm strap system has been cleverly designed to hold not only the fabric but also the airframe by wrapping around the inflated pole – very clever design.

The super wide doors have no annoying step in and can be easily accessed by wheelchair users or pushchairs. Both doors have a nice full length window with curtains and have fully zipped fine mesh fly-screens so the doors can be opened for ventilation and still keep out those annoying insects.

To complete the awning, the Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Porchlite is equipped with both 6mm standard caravan beading and 4mm canopy beading. This allows the Oxygen Porchlite to attach to either a standard caravan rail, a Fiamma or Omnistore canopy or even to your Motorhome or campervan fitted with awning rail. Now that makes this a very flexible awning indeed.