Replacing Broken Fibreglass Pole Sections

Monday, 1 September 2014  |  Admin
Replacement Universal Pole Instruction
  • Tools required:
  • Junior Hacksaw
  • File
  • Safety Goggles
  • Mask
Caution: If pole is broken take extra care not
to touch the broken parts as they can be very sharp and can leave
fragments under the skin. Wear suitable protective clothing and
goggles when attempting a repair. When sawing wear a suitable mask to
prevent inhalation of fibreglass dust.

1. For best results and performance, always
ensure that the pole diameter of the replacement pole is the same as
the one being replaced.
2. Measure the pole that needs replacing. It may
not be necessary to use the entire length of the replacement pole as
they are designed to be trimmed as required.
3. If you are replacing more than one section,
try to keep the pole sections as even as possible in length and avoid
having a metal ferrule joiner in the middle of your completed pole.


4. If necessary cut the pole section to the
required length using a hacksaw or other fine blade saw. Always
smooth the cut surface with a file or fine grade sandpaper making
sure there are no sharp edges which could snag retaining pole
pockets. It is useful to mark the pole section before cutting. Apply
some insulation tape or similar to the pole at the point of cutting,
then saw gently through half way only. Turn the pole over and saw
through the other half. This will ensure a clean cut without any
sharp edges or splinters.


5.Tie a knot in one end of the shock cord and
thread through the pole section taking care they are the correct way
round - never thread ferrule to ferrule. When through all section
pull the shock cord taught and tie off in a secure knot.
6. Check the tension of the cord it should hold
the pole sections together without being too tight. Adjust if
necessary to ensure the poles are not too tight when folded before
trimming off any access shock cord and tie off securely.
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