Kampa Gale 12v Inflation Pump & Gale Carry Bag Package

Kampa Gale 12v Inflation Pump & Gale Carry Bag Package
 Kampa Gale 12v Inflation Pump & Gale Carry Bag PackageKampa Gale 12v Inflation Pump & Gale Carry Bag Package 

Brand:  Kampa Dometic



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Kampa Dometic

Kampa Gale 12v Inflation Pump & Gale Carry Bag

The next generation of 12V Electric Pump to the Kampa Breeze, the Kampa Gale removes the 2 stage process to increase the speed of inflation in increments of 0.5 PSI and can inflate products up to 12.5PSI (1.03 bar). To suit all Kampa Air awnings 2013> and most other brand of inflatable awning on the market. You can also use the Gale on other items, such as dingy's, kayaks, pool toys etc.

Kampa recommend their awnings to be inflated between 8-11 PSI. To use the Gale, simply plug the 12V Cigarette Plug into your 12V socket, set your desired PSI pressure, hit go and sit back and watch your air awning erect itself and it cut's out when the pressure reaches the preset level.

"Kampa AIR awnings have an ideal inflation pressure of between 8 and 11 PSI and have been tested to 22PSI. This is substantially higher than other inflatable awnings and ensures that Kampa AIR awnings are the strongest and most stable available – they make other awnings look wobbly. Kampa AIR awnings have been fully tested. This ensures good design with adequate run-off whilst at the same time ensuring internal clearance for the caravan door. All of their designs spend hours in a rain room ensuring that a Kampa AIR awning will not let you down."

Designed for use on Kampa AirFrame tents and awnings

  • Powered by car 12V socket
  • Can inflate up to 12.5 psi (1.03 bar)
  • Digital backlit display
  • Cut's out at pre-set pressure
  • Increases in 0.5 psi increments
  • Suitable for inflatable awnings, tents and inflatables​


This Kampa branded custom fit carry bag for the Gale 12v Inflation Pump, featuring a pocket built in for the pump's hose, whilst helping to keep it in good condition when stored. There is a handle for easy transportation and zip around for easy access.

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