Vision Plus Solar 50 Master Panel

Vision Plus Solar 50 Master Panel
Vision Plus Solar 50 Master PanelVision Plus Solar 50 Master PanelVision Plus Solar 50 Master PanelVision Plus Solar 50 Master Panel
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Vision Plus

Vision Plus Solar 50 Master Panel

The Vision Plus Solar 50 Master Panel Charger System is a comprehensive and expandable solar power solution, perfect for those seeking power independence but uncertain about their specific power requirements.

The system is centred around either a 50W or 100W Master Panel, combined with a high specification Power Controller that allows for the seamless addition of more Add On Panels (not included), granting a maximum capacity of 250W. For personalised assistance in setting up the system, the Vision Plus After Sales Department is available for guidance.

The installation process is straightforward: after installing the Master panel, Add On panels can easily be attached using a glue-based method, eliminating the need for special tools or drilling holes.

The optional Add On Panels come equipped with a female link cable featuring an integrated waterproof cap, along with 3 meters of male link cable. This setup offers maximum flexibility when positioning additional panels on the roof.

The package includes the following components:

  • 50 Watt Solar Panel Master Panel
  • 20 Amp Charge Regulator with 2 batter outputs (Battery 1 is prioritised and, charged up to 70%, the charge is equally distributed to both batteries)
  • Roof mount cable gland
  • 5 meters of power cable
  • 350mm female link-cable with a waterproof cap
  • In-line fuse for added safety
  • Connectors & Fittings
  • Full instructions for setup and usage

Key specification of the Vision Plus Solar 50 Master Battery Charger System include:

  • 20 year warranty on cell output, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability
  • IP68 Rating for Link Plus, indicating strong resistance to dust and water ingress, making the system suitable for various environmental conditions
  • Panel Dimensions: 660 x 505 x 57mm, providing a compact and manageable size for installation
  • Panel Weight: 4.2kg, making it relatively lightweight for ease of handling and mounting
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C, ensuring efficient operation even in extreme temperature conditions


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