800w Camping Electric Griddle / Hot Plate Low Watt

800w Camping Electric Griddle / Hot Plate Low Watt

Brand:  Kampa Dometic



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Kampa Dometic

Brilliant for your camp site fry ups,
healthy steaks and superb burgers.

Quest Electric Low Watt Hotplate / Griddle.

Low watt grill plate measures 275mm square (approx 11")

  • Built in drip tray
  • Mains operated 230v, variable up to 800w
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Non stick coating
  • Cool touch handles

Low Wattage: Designed to use less electricity, this means that it costs less to run and is less likely to trip the on site electricity supply even when used with other electrical equipment. A must have feature for all caravan and camping sites.

Non Stick Coating: The cooking surface of this griddle is coated with a non-stick coating to make cooking and cleaning incredibly easy.

Simple to use: The hotplate griddle is lightweight, so easy to move and store. It has a removable drip tray and angled cooking surface to enable the oil to drip away, which is both healthy for you and easier to clean. It has a cool touch handle and full temperature control, which combined with the non-stick surface makes this health griddle easy to use and maintain.

Brilliant for your camp site fry ups, healthy steaks and superb burgers - all cooked on a simple and easy to use cooking surface.

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