Kojack Lite Hydraulic Caravan Jack and levelling Aid

Kojack Lite Hydraulic Caravan Jack and levelling Aid
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Kojack Lite Hydraulic Caravan Jack & Levelling Aid

A compact bottle-jack version of the popular Kojack - designed for compact storage. Why travel with a spare wheel if you have no way of jacking your caravan safely and securely? The original Ko- Jack revolutionised the world of caravan jacks. It gave you, the caravaner, the ability to have jacking points on your caravan with an integrated hydraulic jack.

The new KoJack lite moves the world of caravan jacks on a stage further; offering everything that you loved about the original with added benefits of reducing the weight by 40% and increasing the safe working load by 100%. The KoJack lite still retains the mechanical advantage of the original by being hydraulic. This means that users of all ages can jack up even the heaviest caravan with ease. The Ko-Jack lite incorporates a specially designed three-stage piston jack available for the first time for a caravan.

Please note: this item is suitable for most AL-KO chassis from 1992 onwards and some BPW chassis from 2001 onwards, the chassis brackets fit onto two pre-drilled 55mm separated holes in the caravan chassis close to the wheel. Please check with the caravan manufacturer before purchase.

Total Weight 6.1kg 

Jack Weight

Jack Compressed Height

Jack Extended Height

Jack Width

Jack Depth






L-Bracket Weight

L-Bracket Height

L-Bracket Width

L-Bracket Depth





No. of L-Brackets in Box  2

V-Bracket Weight

V-Bracket Height

V-Bracket Width

V-Bracket Depth





No. of V-Brackets in Box  0
Spirit Levels Yes
Safe Working Load 2000kg
Hole Spacing (From Centre) 55mm
Total Vehicle Weight 4000kg

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