Leisurewize 3 In 1 Caravan Ramp with Wheel Chock

Leisurewize 3 In 1 Caravan Ramp with Wheel Chock
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Leisurewize 3 In 1 Caravan Ramp with Wheel Chock & Removable Mud Guard

The Leisurewize 3 in 1 Ramp with Wheel Chock and Removable Mud Guard is a versatile and practical set designed to keep your vehicle securely in place when its parked. It consists of three components; a ramp, a wheel chock, and a traction wheel grip mat. Each component can be used together as a complete set or individually as per your requirements.

The ramp is designed to provide a gradual incline, allowing you to easily drive your vehicle onto it. It ensures a smooth transition from ground level to an elevated position. The ramp is sturdy and durable, capable of supporting the weight of various vehicles, including cars, estates, 4x4s, caravans and trailers.

The wheel chock is an essential component that prevents your vehicle from rolling or moving unintentionally. It works by securing one wheel in place, providing an additional layer of safety and stability. The wheel chock is adjustable and can accommodate tires under 9 inches wide.

The traction wheel grip mat is includes in the set to enhance traction on soft ground. It is particularly useful when parked on grass, mud or other unstable surfaces. The grip mat helps to prevent your vehicles wheels from spinning or sinking into the ground, ensuring a frim grip and minimising risk of getting stuck.

All three components of the set are designed with durability and functionality in mind. They are made from high-quality materials. This set is suitable for use on terrains, including soft and hard ground, providing you with versatility and peace of mind wherever you park your vehicle.

Set includes:

  • 1 x Ramp
  • 1 x Wheel Chock
  • 1 x Traction wheel grip mat (Ideal for soft ground)

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