Truma Mark II Filter

Truma Mark II Filter
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Truman Mk II Filter

The filter maintains the 'older' cartridge style and is replaced as a complete unit.

Truma now recommend the users of the Crystal 1+2 systems. This is easily achieved by retaining the end cap of your current filter.

Simply place the new Ultraflow Replacement Filter in the filter 'chamber' and secure in place with the retained end cap. If you have lost your end cap, the Ultraflow Filter is available as a variant with a new cap.

It is recommended that all Truma products are used with relevant Truma branded accessories as apposed to non-branded Truma equivilants to ensure full efficiency and correct working ability. 

Below are the key reasons why the Ultraflow Replacement Filter is a better alternative than the cartridge filter for your Crystal system:

• Longer lifetime: 35 days!
• No lose carbon particles in the water system
• Less waste after replacement
• More efficiency
• Made  of natural product

Truma only recomend the use of official Truma replacement filters in their water systems.  Use of alternatives may void warranty.


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